Why I "hate" Mirai

Hi everyone,

just wanted to share few thoughts with the community just to make sure that I’m not the only one…

To give you a background - before joining Mirai community I was doing bonsai for 4 years and I thought that I was doing ok. I’m having decent amount of trees and haven’t had any issues with them.

Now, after one and a half a year with Mirai things that changed:

  • every time that I’m getting my hands on any of my trees I’m thinking - what I’m trying to accomplish
  • because of that fact time necessary to do what needs to be done increased exponentially
  • cleaning process is now taking way longer than before
  • wiring process is now taking way longer than before
  • watering process (which is still a puzzle) is now taking way longer than before
  • styling/ designing process is now taking way longer than before
  • education (watching same lessons to understand more and more nuances) is taking way longer than before

Just to let you know - I’m playing bonsai on 'Busy father of two little kids (4 and 1,5 yo) difficulty…

If there are any positives I would say that:

  • my bonsai skills are now around intermediate level (probably compared to other bonsai professionals I’mm still a beginner) - but awareness is getting better and better
  • my trees are rocking - the quality shift after 1,5 year is visible (can’t wait to see further improvement)
  • I’m not afraid of pushing trees to the limits
  • I’m having fun with nursery stock ‘gold digging’ and developing that material further

All in all Mirai team - you are doing fantastic job and I really can say that my skills improved (love to verify ‘common bonsai knowledge’ on live Q&As). If you are new to bonsai this is the best platform to grow (both your trees and your bonsai knowledge).

But to be honest - I really hate you guys - previously I was spending around 10 - 15 minutes with my trees - now it is taking me ages… ;o)


Ryan talks to people like their children!

But I didn’t realize until after I joined Mirai that my practices were like that of an infant; doing things without purpose or understanding is the worst thing you could do. “What are you trying to accomplish?” works in every aspect of what we do, but it REALLY made me rethink everything I thought I knew about bonsai. So awesome that Ryan has such a conviction about sharing what he knows. Sure, it costs me every month, but that’s the cost of a nursery plant that I would’ve killed that month had I not been tuning in. Props to Ryan and every staff member that supports this org.


Shaping trees,
Changing lives.


Do you want to keep copyrights @AndyK or Mirai can start using this as their slogan :wink:


@Strooz Same here :slight_smile:


Every stream solidifies more and more that I don’t know what I don’t know lol


That is a very nice topic @Strooz. I am interestet on Bonsai since 1980, had a nice collection for 12 years before i had to stop because of changes in my job (lot of traveling). I restartet 4 years ago (have a small garden now and way more time) and also was thinking that i am doing “good”. My reason why i hate Mirai is the fact that last year, right after i had repotted the last trees in “modern substrate” (what is turface and preat) i found Mirai and the soil stream. :exploding_head::angry:
And yes, i watch a Mirai video every evening, the time i spend on my trees increased and. and. and.
But now i am on the right track and i never enjoyed bonsai more than today.

Thanks to Mirai team and Ryan
P.S.: Right now i correct my failure on the soil selection.


They would be welcome.
I would be honoured.


and after all, i past more time in Mirai Library than Netflix and others TV Channels in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

hate you guys! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Haha. How many of you were thinking, uh oh, I’m about to defend Ryan? I feel the same as the poster and thanks for bring it up!


Yep, I barely watch Bonsai videos on YouTube anymore. There’s been many nights of falling asleep listening to Mirai videos.


And then you wake up muttering “Balance of water and oxygen” or “What are you trying to accomplish?”


@nmhansen Haha! Totally!

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Just found out how little I know lol. Loving the journey


Listen to the ‘Ian Hunter’ assemetry podcast…(go to the blog on the bar adove, let the soundcloude ap load, launch the podcast…)… 2 hours of complete geek… digest that…
Now tell me you feel uninformed…


Hi all,

My first thought when I glanced at this thread title was, ‘Oh no, what did we do?!’ Then immediately went straight into chuckling while I read through the rest of it. Love all the “hate.” We’re so glad we can spread the knowledge and passion (sorry, and not sorry.) Keep on elevating your bonsai skills, you all rock!


Breath @Berg
Balance of water n oxygen…


Because from Europe I can not shop your trees…


Ahhh, I forgot to add that one as well! :upside_down_face:


How well I understand “the problem,” LOL. I do have the benefit of seeing many of those young trees that I was working on prior to joining Mirai as just not being worth that effort. If appropriate, they go into my garden. If not, I give them to a newbie who is still at the point of learning to keep them alive. (After all, most were garden center stock that I purchased for me to learn on!)

I am so happy with the way Ryan teaches. His approach is so holistic, and it really makes so much sense that it’s hard to understand why no one has presented it that way before. Understanding the “why” has always lead to the best implementation of “how.”

One more benefit… I saw/heard/read somewhere that the time spent with our trees, whether just watering or weeding, or styling - whatever, is a form of meditation if we choose it to be. When I take that time, including the time I’m taking to learn as much as I can soak up here, I really feel it’s true.