Light bulb moment

So I have been doing what I thought was bonsai for about 5ish years with rather frustrating results! Reading all the books watching all the YouTube videos trying to garner as much information as possible, then Mirai came into my life! Due to me rolling my ankle and not good as I work as a gardener full time. After being very bored I decided to sign up and watch all the videos I can, I mean allll the videos!! I thought I have learned some really interesting stuff now let’s put it into practice, so I did and everything Ryan says just can flooding back, what am I trying to accomplish. My thoughts where more ordered and took more of a systematic approach. My wiring has improved sooo much and branch placement just flows so much better and use intelligent bends, branches to the outside. It just bloody works! So all in all I’m very happy with Mirai teams videos content and just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone. Thank you!


Hi @Scotspineguy
Only down side is you will never look at trees the same way again… Hang on! That’s a good thing!
Hope you continue to enjoy the journey, as I do too.


Yeah it’s amazing this system of teaching allows you to open up more space in your mind to focus on the subtle nuances that before was lost on you. It’s such an amazing journey!