Beginner Series 7-9 on Youtube Unlisted

Hi. I got notifications from YouTube that you had posted 3 new videos earlier today. I went to the Bonsai Mirai channel, but the videos do not appear either in the list of videos or Beginner Series playlist.

I clicked the link in the notification emails and it did take me to each video and I was able to watch them. I noticed under the video title below the video frame it says “Unlisted” with a broken link icon. I don’t know if this is what you intended or if this was an error of some sort.


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@sam . Note , if it important. Thnx.

I just tried to look at it and says that the video is private.

I think they are scheduled to come out tomorrow. They were probably uploaded early in preparation.

Well this makes a lot of sense…

Hey folks, thanks for getting in touch! You are all correct–we did upload things early in preparation and they are currently unlisted/private. We were a bit premature with our video release and they need a liiiiittle more tweaking–I promise they’ll be out very soon. Thanks for your patience!


I imagine that they’ll also be posted in the library?

For sure. Once they’re released they’ll be released everywhere.

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Hey all! These are on Youtube now, coming soon to the Mirai Library. Thanks for your patience!


That dude was super into scooping that soil :laughing:


It’s all about that scoop bout that scoop, no trouble… Lol… Sorry, that was lame but it had to be done… :pensive:


I’ll let Josh know that y’all appreciated his scooping enthusiasm. :wink:

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Thanks Sam!

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