The 18 Free-To-Watch Videos That Should Convince You To SIGN UP

For anyone not already subscribed to Bonsai Mirai, here is a list of videos that you can watch for free. Just so you can get a taste of what we subscribers have been enjoying and where we’re doing the greatest amount of on-line learning:

Beech Forest Creation:

Spring Fundamentals:

Ponderosa Pine:

Energy Distribution:

World Bonsai Convention Demonstrations:

World Bonsai Convention Walkthrough:

Growth Perpetuation:

Kimura’s Garden

Post-Growth Management:

John Naka’s Juniper:

Nursery Stock Series Pt. 1:

Nursery Stock Series Pt. 2:

Fall Physiology:

Post-Collection Potting:

Winter Preparation:

Winter Care:

Nursery Stock Series Pt. 3



Thank you for this! I’m fairly new here and this is very helpful :slight_smile:

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