Before and After---Mirai Trees

A gallery like this has been talked about since I joined about a year ago. It hasn’t come to fruition yet. This is by no means a complete directory, but something I have been fooling with, more for me than anything. Perhaps I can keep pace in 2019.

If I am stepping on toes @sam or @ryan feel free to delete the post. No harm meant by this…And no real order to the pictures either except the last 2 will be the 2019 trees in the correct order.


trunk bend

sierra juniper

root over rock


red pine

mountain hemlock

miyajima white pine



coastal redwood

chinese elm




@moon this is amazing! Thank you so much for providing this to the Mirai community. You’re right, we’ve been wanting to do this for ages, it’s just hard to keep on top of all the projects with such a small team. We’ll do our best to create something like this this year, but for now, thank you for contributing so much! We really appreciate it and are touched by the effort put in here. :heart:


Could you have the pictures below the video window like this? Have it linked to a high resolution picture… I think this would be great to have. Sometimes I have to watch the video a bit to see if it was one I wanted to watch because the title picture is often not the same tree I remember watching the first time.


Thanks for making this mockup Joe! I appreciate your feedback. I will bring it up with the team and with our developer. I agree that we need a better way to showcase before/after images.

I agree with you that having trees that do not appear in the video as the main image is not helpful–we are trying to move away from that and only show the actual tree being worked on as the hero image for the stream.

There will be some changes coming to the lesson pages in the next few months as we fine-tune, so stay tuned. Thanks again!

I think half of the excitement of each stream is that you have to wait and see how it’s going to turn out. It’s the journey we’re here for! Before and after photos are all over Instagram and I find myself just flicking through them. How do you show the copious techniques, tips and tricks Ryan is teaching us through the video with a before and after picture? Just a thought.

P.S. Thank you Mirai team for giving us this amazing resource!


Moon…This is SWEET! Thanks! Am sure the Mirai community appreciates…