Improvement since I am with Mirai

hi there,

i am doing Bonsai for a few years with on and off times over the lats past 9 Years.
Since last November I am with Mirai watch almost all the contents in the library and started all over.
All my trees are still in development or in development again. They are all rather small shohin size or slightly bigger.

So I thought I show you some results.

Number one is my first tree I bought 8 years ago a Juniper.
It was almost dead a few times and i was testing out many things with it… pure tree :disappointed_relieved:
It had some health issue last spring it recovered and I gave it some structure.

Number two is a tree a had for about three years. I liked the trunk line, that’s why I bought it. For years I had no idea what to do with it. Last weekend I finally came up with a design.

Number three is my little black pine. I have reworked it last December put it in the greenhouse and now it looks quite good … think.

Number four is my little German oak in spring time and now.
I have repotted it wired it and got some new branches now.

Number five my Weissdorn - Crateagus.
In spring time and now.

And number six is my white pine. Like the black pine I have reworked it last December and it was growing very well.

So over all I have to thank Mirai for all what I have learned since I am a member.
Bonsai is fun again with positiv results and no fruition anymore :grinning:


Sven, thank you so much for sharing this!! We love to see how folks are improving. So glad you’re learning so much with Mirai Live! My favorite is the juniper - very nice asymmetry :slight_smile:


I could not agree more about the content that we receive through Mirai. I can’t express enough appreciation about the incredible quality of content, thorough explanations and horticultural discussions that are presented in the videos. This has easily accelerated my understanding by years and saved me from making some terrible mistakes.

@svencux thank you for sharing your experiences while learning through Mirai. I love seeing progress pictures - you’ve done a great job caring for and styling these trees! Good on you for capturing the changes over the years.

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looking at the pictures again myself, I felt the lower branch of my first Juniper looked strange.
So I did a wedge cut to the lower branch to bring it closer to the trunk.


thank you for sharing @svencux: it is nice for junior-bonsai-students like me to see what can be achieved. Looking to your tree, I have the impression that it is “easy” meaning there is no dramatic/drastic stuff, and there is harmony. Being able to transmit the feeling that it is simple while the design is complex is a great achievement! congrats!