Azalea confusion

I know I shouldn’t have to ask this but… what are the most common azalea species found in nurseries? Are they Satsuki or a different species? How can you identify the difference? Are non-Satsuki Azaleas used for and make good Bonsai?

The difference between Satsuki and Azalea is determined by the time when new shoots grow out, the flowering time, the size of flowers, and the gloss of leaves.
Although many japanese azaleas now sold in nurseries look similar to the satsuki, the difference can be spotted instantly one flowering begins. Most of them are generally red flowers (or varieties of red) whereas satsukis have a variety of colours and patterns, sometimes on the same tree. They still however can make excellent bonsai with the correct treatment.

@MtBakerBonsai here in the US you will find more indica and encore ( reblooming hybrid of the indica) due to the design trends of the landscape. One of the aspects satsuki are you used for bonsai is the small leaves. Kurume have small leaves for the most part and they are another old Japanese type of azalea. Indica varieties have large leaves compared to satsuki and kurume.

I didn’t start the topic, I already knew this info on azaleas. After all the Rhododendron is my state flower.
I was giving @anderson.ppc general info with the Wikipedia link which basically says what you wrote :+1:t2:

@MtBakerBonsai sorry I just scroll up far enough.

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Here in Northern Vermont we rarely see see a Satsuki azalea at a nursery. As to the question of whether non-Satsuki azaleas make good bonsai, judge for yourself

Thanks so much. Great inspiration:)

FYI Nuccio Nursery in the San Fernando Valley, CA has probably the largest selection of Azalias (including many Satsuki and Karume) and Camelias in the US. They ship everywhere. They develop new Azalias as well and have many unique varieties.

This azalea isn’t a Satsuki. So yeah, I’d say they do ok. The pic w/flowers was 2 years ago.