Identifying a Satsuki Azalea

Good Morning Miria/Bonsai Community!

Happy Sunday…wait…I mean Happy Funday!!! :grin:

I picked up this Azalea at a local nursery for $5. This is the only tag it had on it.

Is this a “Satsuki” Azalea?


It is not a satsuki, it is a Harris hybrid developed James Harris.


Probably, as stated on the tag, specifically bred for large flowers. Large leaves. Big bush.
Real pretty landscape plant in 10 years. :roll_eyes:
Will do great in Eugene… lots of organic fertilizer!

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You are going to have a hard time finding Satsuki in your typical local nurseries.
Most nurseries and big box stores in the States purchase from a large network of North American growers.
They won’t grow it if it is not profitable or a demand.
I am usually disappointed when I go to nurseries because of the selection they have. Sometimes I find some gems. A couple weeks ago I found some Itoigawa and shimpaku junipers and I bought all of them.
If you want Satsuki you might ask your local nursery if they can order, or order one online.

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Thanks for the tip! I have a couple local nurseries I like, I will have to talk to them about that.

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