My azalea finally bloomed. Can anyone tell what kind it is?

Bought this last year from the daughter of the person that worked with this bonsai. She had no idea what kind it is. :confused:

Hallo Bonsai Bentley,

it could be a “Wakaebisu”. If the other blooms are with the same color, double Leaves and the pistil at the ground is conspicuous thick, it is one. But with just one flower it’s a bit difficult.

Thanks for the feedback! Another flower is slowly opening. The color appears to be the same though. I’m thinking of repotting it this year, so I was going to let the two flowers open and then cut off the rest to save its energy.

Is it Satsuki? If so, you might be able to find a match on this site…

I agree on possibly “wakaebusi”, I dug 25 from a landscape a little over a year ago. They are a strong variety.

This is exciting news. I’m so leery of the repot, but it has to be done. It’s basically in sand and who knows how long it’s been in the container this way. :confused: