Avatar, floating mountain

This is the famous hallelujah floating mountain of avatar, this is the first of many designs, im going to be setting up to install the trees and flora ,let me know what yall think, the concept to this design is if you cut the chain the mountain will float away.


The floating mountain concept pushes slab and rock plantings and forest scenes to another level hope you all like it.

Looks like a fun project. Would love to see it once it’s planted.

I got two more freezes to go through, i got to soak it in water for 3 days for the concrete, and drill holes for the anchors to hold down the trees pick the trees . Its concrete and lime stone put together

Neat concept that will be unique and interesting. I did a sculpture with chain as the spine of a bird as a teen. I would not trust my welding to support a slab planting.

Hi Marty there is going to be bigger and better designs, im going to start with ficus trees because i can utilize the areall roots . The trick on welding the links is to weld all sides of the links with a 3 /32 7018 rod ,i almost lost one of the links due to lac of weld but i fixed that fast its holding up ,the floating slab is about 2 lbs.

This is going to put slab planting to a whole new level glad you like it.

Hi Marty im haveing problem putting the avatar mountain on the forum the icon poped up but the spaces are already filled up ,when do you put your stuff on the forum, the icon wasn’t there this afternoon, but it just poped up and there is no spots left
Thank you for your help

Hi Marty just got the notice the forum is going up what day is it going to open, on Thursday thanks for your time

It is up now. Post now for Forum Q&A. It will close once they have 30 questions. It will close usually Wednesday afternoon.

Got it in thank you. The avatar floating mountain is in for all to see

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