Amur Maple Cultivation Discussion

Hey everyone!

First post here :slight_smile:

I’d love to know if anyone has any experience cultivating Amur Maple? I love working with Trident and JM, but I just acquired a great Amur Maple recently. Any tips for a guy new to this species, or do they behave similarly to the other maples?

Thanks for any help, and hope you all have healthy, happy bonsai!


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I believe they are similar to other maples. They are a little more cold hardy than JM or Trident maples. Vigorous and strong too.


Hey Bart,
Where are you located?
Amur do very well here in SE Michigan. They are extremely cold hardy (re: you can leave them out, unprotected, all winter), grow very vigorously but their long internodes can be a bit of a pain. I find them to work best as larger trees but your experience may be different. One thing worth noting is that in my experience they do not like defoliation methods. I find it best to let them do their big spring push and then cut back hard - they will respond with a second flush.

Water heavily, fertilize as much as you’d like. They strong, reliable growers.


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That’s fantastic! I’m here in Denver, CO, and have a massive specimen from Todd S. at First Branch Bonsai. Those are some fantastic tips! Thank you so much for the response and information.

Sergio Cuan is staying with me the first week in July, and I’m curious what he will have to say as well. I’ll update this thread afterwards with that information from that study with him.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the response! I’m in Denver, CO, so it’s great to hear they’re a bit more cold hardy from multiple sources.

Ah very cool! Sergio has an Amur or two that I sold to him quite a few years ago now. He’s a wizard with them…well with any tree really. Enjoy!

Hi. Hate to bother you but any update on Amur Maples?

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