Question from Ryan's videos

Good morning fellow bonsai people I have several questions:

Ryan has spoken about Monterey Pines twice. One video -on by itself with the outcome to figure if its a single flush pine or a Multi flush pine.

The other time he spoke about a Monterey pine was in a Q+A time and he said its a multi flush.

Q: What is it — Multi flush or Single flush? Would really like to known

question #2

You always turn to caddy to get wire. BUT you always cut some form of wire .
Q : How can you tell how long you want the wire TO BE ? better Yet how do I tell especially when you cut off 1/8 of length afterwards.

Question #3

I just got a Amur Maple ( acer ginnala )

Q: In the growth characterisitc of a Amur maple —should I follow the posts of a deciduous Little Leaf Linden or follow your guidelines of a Trident maple ? thank you…

I think the Monterey pine is a limited multi flush pine in that you can decandle it occasionally but not regularly every year without risking the health of the tree.

I think he’s mentioned in a stream that it’s basically experience that he knows how much wire to cut. He usually adds a little extra on purpose so that he can have extra leverage.

Amur maple is not as strong as trident maple and cannot be defoliate in the same way. I’ve heard for Amur maple you mostly treat them like any other maple but be a bit more conservative as the species is more prone to dieback. In some cases, it might be good to treat them like a birch or other species that tend to drop branches (eg don’t let one area get too strong or it’ll start dropping other branches).