Trident Maple Fall work

I did some fall maintenance on my trident maple this week. The tree is from seed, grown in ground a few years and container grown since. I removed several structural pieces the past two years and am moving into secondary and tertiary in some areas.


Looking good! Nice nebari. Have you personally grown this tree from seed or was that just the back story on the tree?

Thanks! There is still a lot of development left to do, especially in the apical region, but I’m happy with the results so far. I collected the seed and planted it as a seedling in the growing field with a friend back in about 2007. He dug it and had it in his yard until about 2 years ago when I re acquired it and restyled it. It was quite over grown and about 6 ft tall.


Impressive work from seed! Love to see how it progresses.

Really nice work from seed, it’s when you see work like this that you can appreciate the growth rate of Trident maples, that way we can really see some of the fruits of the labor you ha e put in.

Thank you! I love how quickly trident maple develops as well. Grateful for Mirai as a resource and feeling more confident with improving structure and ramification as the tree moves forward!