Acer palmatum root graft

I have an Acer palmatum seedling that I think can be a halfway decent tree someday, but the nebari will require at least one root graft to look complete and stable. Are there any quarks for Acer palmatum root grafting, or can I just follow the procedure in Ryan’s video? To be honest, I haven’t watched the video yet, but I will before attempting anything.

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If it’s a seedling its way too soon for root grafting, hoe thick is it? A. plalmatum is easy to root graft.

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Was thinking the same and wondering how you’re planning to root graft a seedling @YoloCoBonsaiNut ? :thinking:

One thing worth trying if you want a root in a specific place on a young tree, before resorting to root grafting: Scrape back the soil a bit, create small holes or knicks in the bark to expose the cambium where you’d like a root to be (I use a small bull-nose burr for this). Put a little dab of rooting hormone gel on the wound (I use a cotton bud for this). You can also make a paste from powder rooting hormone if you don’t have gel type. Pack a pinch of damp sphagnum against the hole and then put back and mound up the soil over it/them. You can do several – some work, some don’t. This technique can work on some species including the Acers.


Sorry… it is not a seedling, I meant to say ‘species’ because it does not appear to be a cultivar.

The lowest branches are there to promote healing of a nearby wound.

Thank you.

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