About the Horticulture category

Together, we can master this unique artform by combining our horticultural knowledge and experience. Talk soils, water, growth management, advanced techniques – dig into the nitty-gritty science behind bonsai practice and theory. Share your wins, losses, what works, what doesn’t – the sum total of your observations as bonsai scientists.

This category is all about bonsai science - soils, water, pruning, repotting, seasonality. Some examples of types of questions are:

  • Bonsai Forensics - I did this, my tree died or suffered, what went wrong?

  • Mythbusting - This technique doesn’t work, or never use this substrate with this species, there’s a lot of conflicting information out here. This is where the information on Mirai Live serves to mythbust malpractice.

  • Pioneering - What new species are you working with as bonsai? What have you noticed? What does the tree behave similarly to?

  • When do I _______ and why? - Questions on timing, seasonality, zones, etc.

  • Infirmary Post - My tree is showing these signs and symptoms, what is it? What do I do? How do I nurse it back to health?

These are just a few examples among limitless bonsai science questions! Get asking.

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What are some trees I can pick up at the nursery and be safe to work on this time of year? I’m really excited to work on something but don’t want to kill anything.