A rare little find

Well today is exactly a year that I joined the Mirai community and today I had a rare little find of this sweet little grape vine. Even better it was only €34 $38. I think it was a bargain. I love the way that Bonsai can always bring so much pleasure even for little amounts of money. Uploading: 90183928-BF65-4EAE-A61A-96F1741CAA35.jpeg… Uploading: CEC482D1-6DA2-4700-A311-02378842A735.jpeg… Happy one year Mirai anniversary to me.:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Pics didn’t post :(. Try again?

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Scroll down, they are there. I had trouble the first time

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Looks great. I love the trunk. Good find.

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Indeed the way to celebrate, great little gem! Happy Anniversary @Nicknjh23 :slight_smile:

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Fantastic!! Happy aniV.

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Charming. I Photos alone make me happy.

Nice find @Nicknjh23. Great trunk!


Very nice find!

I got a similar grapevine super cheap in december or so… In my case though I haven’t wired it. I utilized the looking old trunk but I pruned the only branch quite hard to try compact it more and get that first branch with shorter internodes. It responded very good but now I’m jealous of your super long branch haha

Hi from Barcelona!


@joancotros. Hi from Frigiliana, Malaga.