A little space in the garden

A small part of our garden here in Spain and new pots from my kiln.


I love the pots! Nicely done! :smile:

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Very nice. Do you sell or have an interest in selling pots you make?Qaulity looks superb!

Hello. Thanks for the kind words. I have sold a few pots and have been working towards selling more. I’m based in Spain. Some of my pots will be available for sale at the Trophy exhibition this February in Belgium on the EBPC stand.


Well keep at it almost everything you posted looks spot on.

I have a feeling eventually you will be saying " I am currently sold out and working on making more"!

I don’t know if the Etsy model/ platform is the solution or even fair for the maker (non-affiliated) but if you set up a customer facing platform, share the link would always love to see what your making!

Thanks so much for your kind words. I do have a web site. Maidenhairceramics.com. It’s not updated. But it will be after the Trophy exhibition as I am currently flat out trying to get lots ready for that.

Some of my latest builds


Ooohhh, I’m liking that current post first photo! Is it fired yet?
Getting pretty fancy!
Love the feet, lip, bottom band and angles on the other pot, too! Pretty smooth.
The last photo of the previous post is outstanding! Great glaze!

What color does the fired clay end up.
You are in Europe… dang…

No both aren’t fired yet. The dark one will fire to a beige gold, but I plan to glaze it. The red clay will fire to a deep red depending on the final temperature

The Blue glaze is a glaze made here. From a recipe that has now been proven to be incorrect. Another happy accident in the ceramic world. :grinning:

Just curious if you have a picture of what the blue was suppose to look like. But I do love how it came out with how light of a blue it is giving it an old faded feeling give it more age than what it has.