Yellow mush in rotten trunk

Hi all,

I just re-potted a coast live oak and while chopsticking I uncovered two patches of what I guess is rotten wood the color and consistency of mashed up banana. These sections were bellow the soil line before the re-pot. Is this normal wood rot? Is it a symptom of some sort of pest? Fungus? What, if anything, should I do about it?

I was able to leave these spots uncovered in the re-pot so hopefully clean water and air will wash it out and help it dry.

Do you have pics? It sounds more like a fungus than wood rot.

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what kid of soil is it in? native soil? pictures are worth more than a thousand words…

Here’s what it looks like.

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I removed about half the original soil and it’s in akadama now.

To my neophyte eyes that does look like a wood rot. This was under the soil? I would recommend posting this to the forum Q and A as soon as you can. Good luck