Yamadori Wild Olives of the island of Cyprus

During the last Mirai Live on Olive Design, Ryan said that Yamadori Olives do not exist.
I grew up and lived on the island of Cyprus in the East Mediterranean sea. There are no bonsai clubs, no materials, and hardly any practitioners on the island. With a couple of friends, we started collecting Wild Olives. These bear no fruit and they grow wild in arid land. They have very small leaves. They are very similar (if not the same) to the wild olive trees of Mallorca and I have seen trees like these ones in Greece too.

I now live in the UK and i recently brought some of these yamadori wild olives with me. They are just raw material, except for a couple of those that i had since 2 years ago. Almost all of the deadwood is natural.
Please have a look at some examples of these yamadori trees, most in raw form:

And these are the wild Olive leaves compared with the fruit bearing European Olive leaves:



Nice leaves.
Unfortunately I purged Dropbox from ALL of my devices. It’s one big virus factory.
Post one or three photos here…
How do they propagate, if they don’t seed? ( I have never seen Mother Nature DO cuttings…)

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My mistake…i said no fruit…they do fruit but the olive they make does not have enough flesh in order to be used for eating or for oil.
Sorry for the confusion - i will correct it

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AWSOME trees! I would take three of those… even if the fruit was not edible…
Ryan made the same statement on the stream. I assumed they had some fruit… LOL…


Same general idea about seed grown apples, the fruit is almost never palatable…


Funny how we humans figured out how to ‘propigate’ the GOOD stuff… olives, grapes, wheat, rice, potatoes, hot peppers. The wild predecessors are almost inedible…
Sorry, I’m a serious foodie. I like to know where my food comes from. Way deep history…


Amazing trees, Stavros!
I also have two totally different olive trees as material to work on and I will keep you updated :+1:t2: