New arrival collecting trip

A year in the planning and saving I finally got to the mountains just outside Barcelona to buy some Yamadori. It was the first time I had seen frost and been so cold for four years. I managed to get two huge and very old olive trees that are early in their development. Also a wonderful rugged Prunus Ume (apricot). A wild Cherry and a lovely cork bark oak. One thing I hadn’t considers was the weight of the Olives amd a begging telephone call to a friend to help me unload them and locate them in their new homes was needed. Spain is a wonderful resource for some amazing collected trees.


These are stunning :heart_eyes:

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They look fantastic. Your Ume has some great potential!

@Nicknjh23 are those terracotta “planks” in your garden or in the garden out there in Spain? I’ve seen them used once or twice before but don’t really know what they are ordinarily used for, or what to call them.

Hi Ralph. Thanks. Yes I think the Ume will be awesome in time. The Planks are indeed Terracota amd are used in the building industry a bit like long bricks. Used in roofs, and flooring. They are great here in Spain as they don’t rot and help absorb some of the heat and can be wetted. down etc. Super cheep too.

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Thanks. :slight_smile: They seem pretty ideal for those reasons. Never seen them in the UK however.

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The Olive is looking even better now.


Yes it is. I need to find a good source of deciduous/evergreen yamadori.

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