Yamadori found at a Nursery!

Yes. It went really well, I’m planning on styling it this year. I made a thread for it last year.

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Thank you very much for the update!! How much of the roots did you prune? It was still coming out of the 50 gal nursery pot correct?

About 60-70%, I left a good portion untouched. Ryan had helped me through the Forum Q&A look for the right time to repot. The bud should be swollen and even extending a little bit. It was one of the last repot I did of the season that year.


Thank you very much for the update! I will keep the bud swollen/extension in mind when I try to repot this big guy!

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@pj86 which q+a did you ask? I missed it but would like to watch it? I am planning to repot mine but I haven’t worked out when yet.

Forum Q&A 92 at 1:08:28 or number 25

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