Would this make a good bonsai?

I have seen this tree on my morning walk for a few months and have always wondered whether it could be turned into a good bonsai?

I believe it is thuja plicata. I know the land owner so I could get permission to collect it.

It obviously has natural movement in the trunk but I wondered if the trunk would be too vertical before the movement?

I would be interested to here thoughts.

Best to leave it a few years to fatten up. You could peg it to the ground to get roots a little closer to the trunk. in the meantime.

Western Red Ceader … in UK…? Musta been a American sparrow, not a European and African …:rofl:
I fought three collected ceaders for 15 years, never could keep a design. … finally put them in the ground. Now the are 20 feet tall…
Ya, you need a good trunk and nebari first. Pass this one up.

I’d leave that one there. Maybe prune it in place so you can enjoy it a bit more on your walks?