I own 3 winterhazels as prebonsai/bonsai which I acquired all this year. Does anyone have experience with them? Know when/how to prune them/defoliate/wire/etc?

How big are they? Any photos?

Here is my oldest and largest one I bought it off a club member this year he said it was 15-17years old

its in a 14 inch oval
the other is a clump I started this year as well of 3 its an Aurea variety, it sits in a 16 inch wide locust wood grow box, its roughly 2-3 years old, supposedly seedlings from Japan.

The other is a cutting grown from a gardener at the famous Biltmore House, one of the perks working there is they let you keep odds and ends. Its too small to take a picture of.

They prefer fairly acidic living conditions. Don’t require repotting too often. Do yours flower? If so they can be pruned immediately after flowering to preserve next years ‘old wood’ and more blooms. Like Zelkovas they can sometimes suffer from die back during the winter. Fairly hard pruning can be done but you will sacrifice the flowers for a while. It’s not a common bonsai subject because of the effort required.