Advice for winter care

Hi all,

Intermediate bonsai experience here, however not in my area. I recently moved to CO springs which in my part of town is hardiness zone 5b.
I’m interested in advice for winter care on some trees. I’m just not sure what path to take since much of the winter in this area is cold(-10)/wind during the night, yet can get to the 60s during The daylight hours. Anybody local to this area or this type of climate have any input?

For my trees, I have 1 birds nest spruce that is in mostly organic soil and is due to be put in Free draining soil in the spring. I have one Japanese Yew (cuspidata) that was repotted into a perlite/expanded shale/moss Pete mix this Past year. And two recently collected Rocky Mountain junipers that are in baskets with original soil plus a free draining pumice mix.

The two junipers will go in my outside storage shed for protection, unless you guys have better ideas. I was thinking of leaving the spruce and yew out to go dormant, however I feel the daytime rise in temperature may mess with the dormancy?

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Welcome Nick, I too recently moved to Colorado Springs, arriving in a blowing snow storm last April at the start of the covid spread. Learning the local weather patterns and resources has been an education in and of itself. I just started my Bonsai passion and education so at the moment I don’t have much advice on proper bonsai care especially here in zone 5b, near the front range of the Rocky Mountains. I’m looking for the same advice you seek. So I will be watching this thread as well.

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There ARE several winter threads on this site.
Just tap the magnifier icon above. Quarry using ‘winter storage’ , etc.
Not everything will work for you, there… Im 6b here. I prepare for -20F, and have been getting 40F in January.
ONE absolute, plan for mice in the covered storage…


Thanks! I guess I missed that category. Will check it out

I’d be interested to talk trees sometime! Where do you shop around here for supplies?


Since moving to Colorado Springs in April (often referred to as “The Springs” or “Springs”) I’ve been scouting garden centers and nurseries for Bonsai supplies and potential material sources. I live in the extreme south east of the springs (there are prairie dogs in my backyard) and have been slowly scouting outward, i.e, northward.

The big box stores like Lowes and Home depot sometimes will have potential materials but do not sell any bonsai pots, tools nor soils. I guess for a time there was local home based Bonsai supplier called S&S Bonsai, but has gone out of business. I dropped by once to see what was left in his inventory. Not much left.

Googling Colorado Springs Bonsai generates a collection of local independent nurseries with varying degrees of supplies or they say "we use to sell bonsai supplies, but there has not been much demand so we stopped.”

Ricks Garden Center, 1827 W Uintah St, maintains a small supply of Bonsai pots, tools and wire but no bonsai specific soils like Akadama. They do have potential nursery grade materials. AND they have a large supply of rotation platforms.

Spencer’s Lawn & Garden Center, 4720 Center Valley Dr, Fountain, (a chain of nurseries), is one of those “we use to but”. They do have potential materials occasionally. As I said this is a chain store, this one is just off of hwy-85 or the CanAm Hwy, boulevard seems to have varies names. There is another Spencers further north that I have not visited.

Phelan’s Gardens, 4955 Austin Bluffs Parkway, I like for house plants (building my jungle in the house) AND they have a selection of Bonsai pots, and what they call “pre-bonsai” material which are various saplings of junipers, and other species. No tools, wire nor soils. They do have larger size materials outside, spruce, pines, junipers etc.

Harding Nursery, 721 N Powers Blvd, primarily wholesale to landscapers but also sells retail. No pots, tools nor bonsai specific soils. BUT!! they have a very large collection of nursery grade materials.

There are more nurseries in Colorado Springs that I have not visited to date.

Moving north to Denver (hour and a half north of the springs) I found just SE of downtown Denver “Bonsai Nursery”, 3750 S Federal Blvd Englewood, CO 80110, Network presence on Facebook (gag me with a spoon) . They have Bonsai, tools, pots, books, their soil mix formulation, and a green house of Bonsai trees both pre-worked materials and finished trees. I purchased a slightly worked Chinese Elm, my first deciduous tree.

There does seem to be numerous nurseries in the Denver area that have the potential of being Bonsai oriented. I will be scouting them in time.

AND lastly yes I’m interested in tree talk sometime.

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