Thinking about moving from Delaware to Colorado Springs, what do I need to consider?

I’m considering a move to Colorado Springs (I currently live in Delaware) in the next couple months. I’m wondering if anyone else has had the experience of moving trees from the wet east coast to the relatively dry eastern slope of the Rockies and what considerations I should be taking into account as I think about the move and the necessary setup in CO (ie misting systems, how much more often I will need to water, sun protection, etc). Most of my trees are conifers split about evenly between pine (japanese black, lodgepole, ponderosa, virginia, sand, and mugo) and elongating species (spruce, douglas fir, larch, and redwood). I also have some species of deciduous trees (chinese elm, beech, hornbeam, hackberry, honeysuckle, etc).


It’s hot and dry. And cold and dry. I live in Montrose, so western slope. I add extra fir bark to my substrate. Water often. Mist often. You will definitely need a cold storage as well.

An 80 yr old master gardner told me it was impossible to grow bonsai in this climate. I say its really hard, but not impossible. The learning curve is steep.

Harold and Todd are in the front range, and they grow beautiful trees.