Live on the Oregon Coast - Temp, Salt Air & Wind

I live on the central Oregon coast, on a hill facing the ocean (about 1/4 mile away). It is amazing for the view, but not as friendly for some trees. I also have a small greenhouse, which will be a lifesaver during the major wind storms we can get. My question is, if I tie down bonsai trees the way Ryan has shown, are there any direct concerns with the salt air, mild temperature swings and wind? Summer temperature swing from 50’s to 60’s and rarely hits 70’s and even more rarely hits 80’s. Winter time swings from 40’s to 50’s and rarely hits 30’s even more rare in the 20’s. We got an 1/8” of snow this year and it melted pretty much immediately (super rare).

Welcome, I live in the valley in Albany. I would concentrate on species that grow out there well; sitka spruce, shore pine, doug fir, pygmy cypress and redwood; cranberry and salal for accents. You’re going to have a tough time with trees that need a lot of heat, like junipers, and japanese maples and some other deciduous trees will definitely suffer from the salt spray and wind. Take a drive to Driftwood Bonsai in Bandon and talk to Tom.

Thanks for the reply. I have already been in touch with Tom and planning a trip to discuss further.

You can grow monterey cypress, they absolutely love the salt air. Have a look at the ones from point lobos on the internet. I live in an area in the uk that has lots of frosts and some snow every winter. I only put azaleas, hinoki cypress and any cuttings in my greenhouse. I have no problems growing most varieties. It will be the saltiness of the air that dictates what you can grow. You need to consider coastal varities of tree.

Slight tangent: Do you know a place to buy Sitka spruce? I’ve been looking for some lately.

Tom at Driftwood Bonsai, or dig them out on the OregonCoast.

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Thanks! I should have thought about Driftwood Bonsai.