Will Baddeley, Wildwood bonsai

I thoroughly enjoyed Will’s carving video!
I have met him on a few occasions and i had the pleasure to admire his work - exhibited trees. I also bought a couple of trees, raw material, yamadori as he collects too :slight_smile:
He is a great guy, talented who produced hight quality trees.
He has his own style carving trees and even though he is a sought after professional, he was humble enough to say that he was basically “taught” by another great UK bonsai artist and carver, Kevin Willson!
Hats off to Will Baddeley, a great bonsai artist and carver!


What a great dude!! I had a chance to hang with Will in Houston. We polished off a bottle of bourbon late night with a few other night owls and had a bunch of laughs. I was unable to take the carving workshop but did have a chance to pop in and watch a bit. He was very patient and explained his process…using the grain of the wood to dictate the carving. Really excited to try some of what I saw.
Great podcast with him as well.

The pod cast was really