Request: Podcast with Walter Pall

It would be great to have a podcast with Walter Pall. Few bonsai professionals in the western world have done as much to advance the art, both in terms of techniques and aesthetics, the use of local species and its adaptation to local culture. Ryan has in the past spoken of Walter as a reference figure in his professional development. From my own personal point of view I see no conflict between Ryan’s and Walter’s approach to bonsai and consider myself a student of both - although with Ryan I only study via Mirai Live. It would be great to hear these two giants of modern bonsai discuss it at length in a podcast.


That would be EPIC!!!


I would be particularly interested in hearing them talk about fertilizing. If I recall right, Pall recommends fertilizing wiiiiildly more than Ryan does.

(Also I seem to recall Pall doesn’t hate Turface the way Ryan does?)

I think conversations about those differences are as illuminating as conversations about what everyone agrees about.

That’s a great idea !!! Yes, please !

I agree, Walteris such an interesting character. It would be fun to see Ryan interact with him. I’d like to have them discuss Walter’s “fairytale” bonsai concepts.

It could be dangerous to have them go toe to toe on cut paste and wound sealent. Might not be such a good idea after all! JK!