White pine querry

Has anyone out there run into a Japanese white pine ‘Catherin Elizabeth’? The needle growth pattern is way small. The nursery tree is young, and healthy…
Are they grafted? This tree did not appear to be.

No… but now I’m going shopping thank you very much :grin:

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Do you have a pic?
Most nursery stock white pines are grafted onto strong root stock like JBP for durability.
If it isn’t grafted that would awesome :metal:t2::grinning:

I think it was a Oregon supplier…
Will have to check.
Wife said OK; $200 is the most I will have spent on a tree. She only spent $100 on my 30 yo imported myajima that just died.
Will dig deeper in pot before I buy… a little leery.

Dug deaper. Liked what I saw, If it IS grafted, I cant tell…Bit the bark… bought the tree. (Kudos to Iseli nursery on healthy trees…)


Took 2 hours cleaning a 5 gallon bucket of needles etc… found a swollen 7 limb whirl at the top. Planned on shortening the trunk anyway. Informal upright., moyogi! 5 year project…!


If it has a name, it is grafted.

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