How to identify a Zuisho White Pine?

Hi, I have a white pine acquired last year, and I can’t tell the Cultivar. I’ve seen some zuishos (online only) and it would help out if someone had some identification tips. I would like to avoid pinching if it’s not a zuisho :smiley:

Some Context: I got it at a discount, due to a visible lack in health of the tree. The tree has very short needles for a White Pine (can’t tell if it is cultivar related or health related). I kept it untouched all year and had a vigorous fertilising schedule applied.
The tree has replied very well this spring, and has a lot of vigour.
What I also noticed is that besides the needles being different, the candles also look different compared to my other jap white pines (colour and girth is different - but might be health related?).

Also, I have no intention of pinching, even if it is a zuisho. Have not decided yet how to style, and given its poor health last year, I’d like to leave it grow untouched this year. Maybe some shoot selection later this year in areas of risk.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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