Where can I get mancozeb fungicide?

I’ve got a juniper and a blueberry that have developed fungal infections. I think that it’s phomopsis in both cases. It turns out I’m allergic to something in the copper octoanoate spray I used. Mancozeb seems to be the recommended fungicide for bonsai. The local big garden centers don’t carry it. Amazon doesn’t have any-I checked every brand name listed on the wikipedia article for mancozeb, and it’s either out of stock or they won’t ship to me in Washington state.
So, where do I buy this from? What other fungicides would you recommend?

Walmart carries Bonide brand. Can usually find a seller on Ebay if you are desperate. :mask:I always wear gloves and protective face covering when applying chemicals.

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Thank you! I can order it from Walmart, though the local stores don’t stock it.

I am definitely masking up to spray next time.

So it turns out that you can’t buy mancozeb in Washington. The closest state where it is sold looks like Utah. Does anyone have a favorite fungicide to recommend?

I was in a similar situation with shipping fungicides to California. I used this to drench my coastal redwood this winter since it was so wet and cold late into spring even. I did 2 treatments 2-3 weeks apart and haven’t had a problem since. Not sure if it would work for you or if it can be shipped to you.

Stergo MX Mefenoxam Fungicide (1 Quart) by Atticus (Compare to Subdue Maxx) – Fungus Control for Lawns, Ornamentals, Greenhouse and Nursery https://a.co/d/8F5lZj3


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Thanks for recomendation. The price tag was a shock, though. This is my first year of bonsai, and I’m on a budget. The copper fungicide looks like it’s working, and it doesn’t bother me post-application. So I just need to beg someone to spray a couple trees every week.

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Yeah… I got lightheaded hitting the purchase button too

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You can check out these guys for sprays and do it yourself treatments with commercial quality products, I’ve used several products from them that I could only find on their site.

Thanks for sharing that link. They won’t ship to me either, though. The fine print says " Not for Sale to: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, NY, ND, OR, SD, WA, WY".

Copper is working well, I just need help applying it.

Apparently, there are a bunch of restricted horticulture chemicals that I can’t get here in Washington state. Hormex brand rooting compound is another example. I haven’t tracked down a complete list, though. Google is being unhelpful.

Do you know what fungus you looking to treat? If you have identified the issue I will try to help look for a product available in your state. I work in the green industry and might find an alternative.

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Juniper tip blight is the common name suggested to me, which after some research I assume meansPhomopsis juniperavora or another Phomopsis species. I’m having success treating it with copper octanoate.

What I would really like to see is a list of horticultural chemicals that are restricted in WA. I know I can’t get high-concentration rooting hormone. Do have any links or search terms that would help me find that list?


I would suggest checking your local extension service for a complete list of restricted products in WA. I am in GA, I can tell you that you can treat the tip blight with the following products that should ship to you. Any generic form of thiophanate-methyl, or chlorothalonil, or propiconazole. Rotate fungicides so you do not build a resistance to a particular one.