Best fungicide for cedar apple rust?

Hi all,

I’ve got some cedar apple rust on an eastern red cedar and I was about to buy some mancozeb but I wanted to ask y’all what you think about different brands, etc.

What have y’all found to be the best brand, treatment, etc.? Thanks!

That is what I used last year when I had it pop up. I had no additional issues after treatment. I still had some leaf spotting on affected leaves, but no more leaves developed spots.

What was the product you used? If you don’t mind me asking. Have a juniper that is heavily impacted by cedar apple rust at this point in time. Thanks!

Mancozeb is a what I used. I purchased the concentrate and mixed as directed and sprayed with a 1 or 2 gallon pump sprayer.

Mancozeb is no longer available in my area. Ryan mentioned on a redwood stream that they had the same issue and were researching alternatives - anyone have any suggestions?

We have the same situation in the UK although I have previously had success with Mancozeb. This year I have been trialing Maru from ProBio Carbon and seem to have had some success. I feel that the New season will tell me more. Vigilance is essential though. Shop All Products | Probio Carbon | Plant Feed | Kildare

Steve, thanks for that. It was really interesting. I’m definitely going to try some of these products this year.

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Keith a number of us have been giving feedback to Dr Karen as we are using a variety of her products. I don’t know where in the UK you are based but she will be attending the ExpoBonsai UK 2022 national show in May which takes place in Crawley. Her mail order service is great as well.

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Thanks Steve. I live about 12 miles from Scunthorpe. We are hoping to go down to the expo with the club I’m in, Covid allowing of course, so I’ll definitely check for her. Is she trading or doing a talk?

She has a trade table Keith. The show is shaping up well with many unseen trees already submitted and over 40 traders. I appreciate the distance involved though.

Hopefully we can get enough members of the club to go to make it worthwhile hiring a mini bus. It’ll be an early start but well worth it. I reckon I’ll have to ask for money for my birthday a couple of months early :smile:

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