Juniper disease, please help

Hi bonsai friends, Mark here…Please assist in identifying this disease. It is killing off quite a couple of my Sargent Junipers. Starts at the tip of the foliage, usually on the weaker lower growing branches and then slowly moves up the tree. As I notice the appearance, I cut away the affected foliage and have treated with a broad spectrum Fungicide foliage cover spray. I have ruled out root rot as my soil medium is 1:1 Akadama and Pumice with good balance of water and oxygen. Also, it has attacked many of my Junipers simultaneously. I am based in Cape Town, South Africa. Any idea what this disease is and best treatment? See pic.

Check for Juniper Blight. There are few types of this fungus disease.


Juniper tip blight or Borers. Have any pics of the whole tree? Have you inspected the live vein for borers?

Thanks for your comments. I have inspected for borers and have been treating with Mancozeb over the last 2 weeks. apart from cover spray, should I soil drench with Mancozeb as well (I am also combining a wetting agent with the Mancozeb).
Here are some pics of the whole tree…

Something to consider as well… I have a large grape vein in my bonsai garden which for the last couple years has had blistering leaves on the top of leaf and on the underside of the blister, it looks like a rusty kind of fuzz. General nursery chap suggested it might be an insect or fungal? Could this possibly be the origin of the fungus? See pics.

Because of the mutation of the leaf I would rather guess an insect but that rusty thing is confusing. Also I wouldn’t link it to the Juniper. Fact it starts on tips of lower branches increases chances it is Juniper Blight as far as I know.
And Mancozeb - that’s the only antifungicide Ryan ever mentions :wink: seems like you are doing right thing then :+1:
Hope the treatment will work. Nice tree!!

The grape vine has leaf gall. If you cut one of those infected areas open, I’m betting there is a little pest inside.
As far as your juniper I believe you have probably done all you can. Now is the waiting game to see if the tree becomes healthy. :evergreen_tree::+1:t2::metal:t2:

We’re you able to get this under control?