When to prune shoots on indoor bonsai? (fukien tea)

I have a new fukien tea that I’m trying out as an indoor project. I have adequate sun+artificial lighting, and the tree is responding well so far, putting out 5 shoots in just a few weeks.

A few of the shoots already have 6-8 leaves, have stopped elongating, and are starting to harden (based on color and leaves).

I’m wondering if I should cut each shoot as it hardens, or try to save this activity to just a few times per year?

I can hear Master Ryan asking: “what are you trying to achieve?”

My answer: The structure is functionally set, and has an OK number of primary branches, but I’d like more if the tree will give them to me. Otherwise I’m trying to build out the secondary scaffolding. So, fertilization is moderate to high (given a 12" tree in an 8" pot), and lighting is 14 on / 8 off with a healthy number of full sunlight hours to compliment artificial grow lights. I wasn’t planning on ramping that down during the winter, so the lighting and climate will be “tropical” in nature.

So, given the fact that I don’t expect this tree to have a few coordinated bud-pushes each year, and I don’t want to let the shoots harden too much the entire branch, then I’m thinking it’s as-they-harden?

Any other thoughts or opinions here?

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