What to do with 200L of PeteMoss, Perlite, SphagnumMoss

What would you do with 200L of Perlite, Sphagnum and Pete Moss ?

I ordered 2 50L bags of a Perlite+Sphagnum+PeteMoss mix, plus 2 50L bags of pure Perlite. This was before I ordered Akadama and a bunch of inorganic soil components.

I really want to get started with Bonsai as a hobby this week/weekend. But I know its not a good time to repot the 5 little baby trees I have. And, I know we prefer inorganic to organic soil.

That said, what can I do this week/weekend with all this Perlite+PeteMoss+Sphagnum ? Should I go out and experiment with bunch of airlayers in the woods nearby? Clip some trees and try some ground layers with it? Any ideas so I can start practicing/experimenting/learning, and make use of these 200L of organic substrate?

Thanks for ideas!

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Idk about making use of that stuff, but you could go out and cut some random branches on trees to work on cleaning and wiring. That’s what I’m gonna do. I have a handful of trees that at best all I can do is structural wiring, but I’m gonna practice on dead things first. I’m also experimenting on a bald cypress that’s in my yard lol, but it can handle pruning to get that second flush going. Summer is just a difficult time I guess. Next will be fertilizing in the fall.

Oh, you could work on making your top dressing mix using the sphagnum moss and collected moss around your area or moss spores.

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Thanks! Some excellent ideas here! I definitely like the idea of practicing wiring with some cuttings. By cleaning do you mean cleaning unnecesary needles, and growth etc under the branch that gets in the way of wiring? Or do you mean cleaning the cut wounds somehow. I guess I can try both!

Practicing designing the top dressing - I didn’t think of it all but it’s an excellent idea, thanks!! Will definitely try this on Sunday

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Cleaning up branches and stuff. Just try to have the discipline not to go overboard lol. Here’s a Mirai vid from YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7FYixlXt68


I’d mix it into the soil in the garden or give to someone that has one.:wink: