What’s happening to my juniperus Sabina trunk?

It’s wet because it’s raining and suddenly I see this grey smush that looks very soft but is hard to the touch.
Kind like dried up chewing gum.
What could that be?

Most of the photos show dead wood areas.
Did you use a wood hardener on it, or a preservitive?

No preservatives. I used Jin fluid on the Jin, but not on the live vein.
The grey gue is completely new.
Nothing I put on

Was the bark removed recently? It could be sap accumulation.

Maybe 2-3 months ago. I look at my tree everyday. Weird this would show up now. :face_with_monocle:

Is there a hole that it is coming from? Do you have boring beetles in your area?

Try carefully scraping a bit of it off, check what’s under it, maybe borers.
If you removed the old flaky bark a few months ago and gone a bit to deep this could happen, I had something similar happen to one of my junipers several weeks after the old bark was removed.

SOOO. the rain stopped and also the smush disappeared. Seems like it might have been sap that got wet??! Well, curious