What Pine Species is it?

Hi there,
Do anyone have an idea what species of pine this is? It’s a five-needle fine with very fine needles.
Thanks :grin:

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I believe it’s a white pine


How long are the needles and where is the tree? My guess is Eastern White Pine - Pinus strobus, but that is most applicable to the NE portion of the USA and across the border in Canada.


Pinus Strobus was also my first guess…

Needles are approx. 2 inches long.

Im in Austria, but it was an normal nursery tree many many years ago

One more voice in the back for: " strobis was my initial thought"

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Location might remove any doubt, where is it located?

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That is strobus without a doubt. I’m in MA and they are everywhere.


Hi,it should most likely be a pinus strobus.