What bonsai means to you ? / what have you learned from bonsai

Hi All

What is bonsai to me and what have I learned from bonsai :

  1. Bonsai is all about time and patience - I have learned to be more patience in my life we cannot have it all right here and now, we need to work for it just like we do in bonsai and we need to wait for the proper time to come just like we are waiting for the right season to come.

  2. “What are you trying to accomplish” motto that Ryan love to repeat - this motto is now following my on every aspect in my life and not just bonsai, I am taking better decisions in my job on my personal life and in general thanks to this motto.

  3. It gives my time to myself, after a long day of work + time with my boy and my wife I can go outside have a glass of whisky ( or what ever drink you like ) relax and think about my day in quit while practicing bonsai.

On a personal note for MIRAI team,
my father once explained to me what is luck :
" It is to be prepared on the right time in the right location"
I think that this is exactly what MIRAI is doing for this community.

Thank you for taking the time read.
please shear your thoughts with the community


Could not agree more with number 2.

“What are you trying to acheive”.

I love trees, I love the environment around me. I love seeing how the environment is changing throught the year. From my trees needing more water in late summer as they become active again to those autumn colours and spring flushes of growth.

Me personally, I find Bonsai a sort of medative space. As a creative person making and solving problems all day. I love that I can take a long lunch wiring or repotting and the need to concentate and submerse myself in the work allows me to clear my mind. I find that even a cup of tea and a check on the trees can give me this medative space.

There is nothing in bonsai that is not fassinating, and I love the way Mirai pushes in all directions, so refreshing to see so many people in the same mindset. I would recomend the pod casts to anyone if they have not yet tried them. The latest one on soils…“boom” mind blowing…


There are a lot of things about design that have been ephemeral to me, ie. I could figure out when things look right and aesthetically pleasing but I could never come up with the why. For me, Bonsai has been a crash course in objective design and those lessons carry straight over into other forms of design. As a photographer, Bonsai has been priceless for improving my compositions and developing a methodical approach toward aesthetics.