To Pot or Not to Pot my Japanese Maple?

I just purchased a ‘Red Select’ Japanese maple from the garden center. I pruned some of the unwanted branches, and I want to take it out of the nursery pot and put it in a training box. Can I do that now? I am in central Georgia.

Hi @Harolyn,
It is said to be the best time to repot maples is just as the buds begin to open in the spring. If you want to repot now, keep it out of freezing weather until spring.

Thank you, AndyK. I will try to wait. Sometimes I get impatient, and just want to hurry the process.

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I know the feeling!
If you have the urge to DO bonsai, but the material isn’t ready, maybe get a branch and practice wiering.
If you push a tree too hard, it will take longer to develop.

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