Tilia cordata - any update?

Hello Mirai Team,

just wanted to check if you can provide any update on Tilia Cordata that Ryan started to design in 2018 https://live.bonsaimirai.com/library/video/deciduous-structure?

Would be great to see how tree reacted and what might be the next scope of work to move this tree forward.



Pretty sure that tree is with Sergio Cuan of Mach5 Bonsai now.


I am talking about this Tilia:



@Sam, maybe you know something about it?

Thanks for the tag! I am not sure what’s up with that linden these days. I’ll see if I can get an answer from Ryan. I don’t think it’s the one from the recent Deciduous Clump Styling stream, right?

That would be great.

Nope, that is not the one (or it was an amazing transformation that happened - but with Mirai Team everything is possible ;o) ).

Just asked - that tree was sold a while ago apparently, so I don’t have any updates for you. I’m sorry!!

I bought it and brought it back to CO last summer. I’ll have to post an update pic when i pull it out of the greenhouse. Right now its about to erupt. Ryan and i worked it post-flush last year before i brought it home an i rewired the whole thing once to avoid wire scaring. I’ll report back once the snow melts in CO.


That’s a shame. Would be great to track the progress of a tree from nursery to later development stages… Maybe a good idea for a stream?

Cheers @AJcpa.
That would be awesome! :partying_face: