Finished tree from the Cryptomeria Design Refinement stream

Hi everyone!

We wanted to update you on the cryptomeria since Ryan didn’t have time to finish it on the stream.

We will be adding some close up shots of it to the end of the cryptomeria stream in the Library soon, so be on the lookout for that. Have a great weekend!


Very cool. I assume the big jin hasn’t been carved yet. Can’t wait to see that too!

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The tree looks amazing! During the stream, I noticed that some of the top branches needed to be dropped, and was wondering if he’d bring them all down, or leave the newer ones reaching up.

So, if I heard right during the stream, now is the time to work on junipers as well? I have another month of 100°+ weather and want to be sure before killing a tree.

Sort of related question @Sam at the end of the latest Oak stream Ryan mentioned that we’d see some final footage during the cryptomeria stream. Did that happen? I didn’t see it in the archive of the cryptomeria stream.

Hey Nick! It did happen near the end of the live stream - it needed some more editing so it hasn’t been added to the live stream in the library yet. I will update everyone when it’s there! :slight_smile:


Nice job for this Criptomeria upright form.
Such amazing talent to transform a nursery stock to a beautiful bonsaï in development. :+1:

Way past cool. Sometimes for me its a bolt of lightning to see what Ryan can do with ordinary nursery stock. Gives the rest of us wannabee’s something to shoot for!

WOW! It shows what can be done with lowly nursery stock. I wouldn’t have looked twice at it, let alone buy it. I’ll look a lot closer from now on!