Thoughts on the planting angle for this ponderosa pine/pot combination?

Hi everyone! This spring I’m going to be repotting this ponderosa that I worked last year, but I’m still struggling with the planting angle a little. After a lot of toying around with a bunch of different angles, the one below is what I think I’ve decided would suit the tree best, but I’m still unsure if this would be the best choice with my tentative pot choice (which I’ve included a photo of below) and could definitely use another pair of eyes to look this over before I make a final decision. Thanks again!

Here’s the pot I’m likely going to use, a pretty simple Paul Olson round.


Jaron, the angle shows good trunk movement but feels like the tree is falling away to the back. Also, not sure if styling is finished, but if not that would obviously make a difference too. Ponderosas can bend a lot!

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Yeah I feel that the apex could definitely come around a bit more towards the front.

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Apologies, I uploaded an incorrect photo at first instead of the most recent one from last October. I have now attached the most recent one, sorry for the inconvenience.

Apologies, I uploaded the wrong photo at first instead of the most recent one from last October. I have now attached the most recent picture, sorry for the inconvenience.

Jaron; Things I consider with a tree are what will position be if the most roots are made level with soil surface? Sometimes this is not practical as may be very lopsided. After this is considered then what styling possibilities may present themselves best at this angle? I try to work with tree as God has presented it to me.
Something more at this stage is consider what reduced size of Ponderosa needles are and how big do you want/need tree to be to present believable image for tree, do you want to grow trunk/whole tree bigger and is this container what is needed to do so or a bigger one? Just personal approach and considerations how I do trees.

Nice pot. The roots fit into it? Awsome base trunk.
JMO: rotate tree 20 deg. Counterclockwise, tilt to front.
Wire the top back branch up and foreward to form another level/ crown.