THE Monday's @ Mirai thread

Figured it’d be cool to have a M@M thread as a sort of companion to the podcast thread. Anyway, I’ve heard about the pomegranate owned by @CARDOZA, but I finally got to see it in this week’s M@M. Good grief!!! That’s the best pom I’ve ever seen. Bravo Troy. Now I see why you have to seal it on a schedule lol. That deadwood is crazy. That tree deserves its own Kaufmann moment. :rofl:


Sorry to say what your seeing would be described in a rap lyric, “Big Pom got back.” Yep, you be looking at her backside. Let’s just keep this to ourselves because she’s rather sensitive about peps looking at her backside. She told me one time that her backside doesn’t define who she is as a tree. She said that honor is reserved only for her defining branch. When you do get to look at her front side, please keep this in mind, she hates having to tell people my apex is up here.


As I watched the video first thing I thought was ‘I’d like to see more of that one being a Pom owner in the UK’.

Lol, if that’s the back we can’t wait to see the front. Possible stream, @Eve? The populous pleads for poms.

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That might be in the realm of possibility! If you were not able to find it, here is the image in the gallery I was referring to:


Absolutely stunning :heart_eyes:

When I first saw the picture i thought it was an Forsytia intermedia :sweat_smile:

I just want to say here that I absolutely love Monday’s at Mirai. Great to take a glance at fantastic trees that I didn’t even know existed…


M@Ms give a nice look into Mirai, its greatly appreciated by me atleast:)

Thanks @Eve

Lovely little commentary @CARDOZA , you crazy chef you;)


Yowza look at those trees from Driftwood Bonsai.

Oh, that’s where they’re from? I was going to look that up. That’s a lot of repotting too. I wonder if “dedicated students” means pay for repotting class or come help repot.

The Driftwood trees are very nice. I bought a couple on a day trip from my in-laws in Salem about 14 months ago. It was a very nice drive along the coast and through the coast range to southern Oregon which took more time than the freeway. Repotted them last spring and the trident will get styled to become a gnarly fairy tale hollow trunk. It is a short fat thing with a large scar that I hollowed instead of trying heal it over the next 15 years.

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M@M opened with an inside joke this week :rofl:

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