Super Tuesday appreciation thread

Super Tuesday was one of my favorite days of the week, I don’t know what i am going to do during that time slot but i will figure it out. I created this thread so that we could all let Ryan and his staff know how much we appreciate the tuesdays we have spent with them over the years.

Thanks Ryan, Lani , Josh, Jesus, Ira and anyone else I missed on Tuesday nights. Im gonna miss yall.


Indeed, super Tuesdays were great. Thanks Mirai team! Looking forward to the new app format!

A suggestion for the app: when you open it on a Tuesday can it play Ryan screaming one of his many “super Tuesday”?


I agree it was always worth watching and when working on an unknown tree I would go back and find a stream on that species before I did the work. I can see why Mirai cannot continually add without subtracting as the old becomes less interesting to creative types like Ryan and it becomes something someone else is assigned to. The lecture series is extremely valuable. If I chose one over the other, I would pick the lecture series. I tried just listening to it and not watching it however there is too much visual on the lecture series too so I scrapped that approach. Watching the Mirai Mobile roll out, I think that the library has enough content to more efficiently do what I have been doing when I go back and watch before I do so to speak. more of the salient points than the whole thing. We tend to be in too much of a hurry to do most everything in the U.S. I think we need to see what the future holds with Mirai rather than yearn for the past. I suspect tuesday will be a difficult day to download for all the activity but we will see. I think I will wait until later in the week. until all the complaints get addressed.

Wait, what?? I guess I will have to watch this week’s Tuesday stream.

So… if you do not have a rapid access smartphone or iphone the app will not work??. Sad that I am being excluded as a fixed income retiree with access only on my laptop. Not every human on the planet has 24 hour internet access on a phone or tablet. I am all for advancing education, but fear that young kids and old geezers like me are being excluded. :thinking:

No more Tuesday livestream… switched to Mirai App

I meant the stream from Tuesday, Jan. 2. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is the case BUT there is a way you can make your laptop internet browser think it is a mobile device…

Depending on your browser (my example here is MS Edge) press F12 on your keyboard. This will open the developer tools.
Next click the second icon along named “Toggle Device Emulation”


You can then select from a list of devices to ‘pretend’ to be.

Now this isn’t perfect and I can not say that the app will work the same way as if you open it on an actual mobile device… but it is a bit of a workaround if you don’t have a mobile device and will allow you to use it on your laptop.

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@Mirai_Staff I wanted to flag this one to you as this may prove a useful workaround for anyone who is part of the Mirai community but does not have a mobile device (I know there a few). I await the arrival of the app to see if this is a viable workaround for such instances but its something I have used many times in the past when testing new mobile applications to great affect. Happy to create a how to doc/video if you think people on Mirai would find that useful.

Keep up all the good work and looking forward to seeing what this app brings :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking for this for a long time. I didn’t think I’d ever find a single App that would undergird my bonsai work in so many ways. Thank you Ryan for the vision and the rest of the Mirai crew for making it happen!

I watched an old stream today, from 2/14/17. Whole crew working late on Valentine’s Day! I’m happy that they’re getting their Tuesday evenings back, especially as I’ve almost never watched a stream live.

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I too am a user who prefers a laptop interface to my phone. It’s nice to know there is a workaround, as posters have suggested, but it’s not the same as having it work on my MacBook Pro.

Probably would take a lot more work to add a laptop user interface.


i thought the app was suppose to go live yesterday am i wrong about that? if not win will it be?

It was never guaranteed to drop yesterday. Ryan was emphatic that they would do their best, but no promises. Keep the faith!

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You can get a used phone and just connect it to your local wifi. You shouldn’t need 24/7 access to data.

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All this does is change the resolution of your window. It’s not true iOS or Android emulation.

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Ahh I see just very eager for it lol

Agreed but functionality based on a mobile device does and should be there but this can depends on the app alongside other factors and/or restrictions in the app itself.

You can test this if you use Instagram. If logged in on a laptop/pc you will be unable to upload pictures and the functionality is not there as it’s not available outside the app. Change the emulation of the browser to be a mobile device, as I previously mentioned, and on refreshing the screen you will find you have the same functionality as if on a mobile device within the instagram app in that upload buttons etc appear and are available.

Now I can’t say this will work here as I have not seen the app or been able to test etc but it is a route I have used in the past if I have not had a device to hand. Of course nothing beats using the right tool for the job

Oh I can wait I just thought it was already related ill keep the faith a bit longer

I can upload pictures to Instagram from my PC no problem :man_shrugging:t5:

In order to do what you’re suggesting the Mirai Mobile app would need a webpage otherwise there’s nothing to load into the browser. You can just set the layout to a mobile device and then “install” an app from the respective app store.

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