Super critique. BSOP

Congratulations to Ryan on the super critique. I loved his responses to the critique. Positive, offering multiple solutions, but above all the positiveness of his critique. Some of the other critiques I would suggest didn’t hold true to being a great educator and having a deep and depth of knowledge in design and horticulture. Some of it was difficult to watch.
Long live Mirai. Education at its best.


Can anybody give me more information about the green paste for scars they talked about in the video? I can not find it anywhere.

I believe that Michael said that Jonas at Bonsai Tonight was selling it.

It’s Kirikuchi Nauro. I can’t get it in the UK although a few European traders stock it and as said Jonas does. Problem for me is that the postage makes each source too expensive really.

Yes, Jonas sells it. Bought some.

Ok. Thank you for your help guys.

Agree. Mirai is top notch education. It leaves one with a deeper knowledge base; knowledge based on reason, science and real experience, not old tales.

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