Suitable “cover crops”?

Hi folks. I have a couple trees that I think would look nice with some diminutive companions in the pot with them. Moss is hard to grow where I live, but I have tons of tiny wild strawberries and several native Antennaria species that I think would look nice. I often see ferns in bonsai pots, and Walter Pall sometimes puts little saxifrages in his compositions.

Pros, cons, indifference…?
A couple examples of Antennarias with hand for scale
image image


I think those look fine. How deep are the roots? If they are very deep they may compete with the tree’s roots too much and also be a pain to clean out when repotting.

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They have very interesting root structures. Highly clonal with unramamified, vertical feeder roots with pretty low densities. I’ve focused on native species that I find around cattle tanks for my bonsai garden and backyard grassland restoration. Things that can handle compaction and trampling. Arenaria, Achillea, Lupinus, Bouteloua, etc.