Mimosa for bonsai

Has anyone worked on mimosa? I have a summer chocolate mimosa in my yard (landscape tree) where the rootstock took over and the summer chocolate trunk died. Hadn’t planned on using it for bonsai. Trunk is about 2 inches, nebari is 3 inches.

I dug it up and planted in a pot (photo to follow), contemplating what to do with it. I don’t want a green mimosa in my yard :blush:

Nothing useful to comment except that I’m eyeing a mimosa two yards over for an air layer, so I’ll be interested to know what folks think.

Interesting you bring this up, I’ve been working on reducing a giant conglomeration of roots on a mimosa that I’ve been developing for about 5 years. If it makes it through this process, maybe I’ll have something useful to add in a few more years.

Bill Valavanis used to have 2 very nice specimens (you can find some images on line still) but he lost both of them.

Yeah. The roots on mine were a big mess. Took me a while to reduce.
Thank you.