Stewartia root removal

Hey guys,
I have stewartia with a fugly old root sticking out towards the back of the tree. It’s been bugging me ever since I got it.

The tree has a really good root structure, with a lot of fine feeders and almost no large roots beneath the soil.
I’m thinking of cutting it, any thoughts on when should I cut it off? I was thinking late winter.

It looks like complete removal of the root could be quite disruptive. Are you considering initially just cutting the root from the trunk? This would allow the scar on the trunk some time to heal before the bulk of the roots are disturbed. The offensive root would then be removed at the time of the next repotting.
Or you could increase your moss coverage. :smiley:

Yup, my original plan was to just cut it at the base near the trunk and where it goes under the soil line, let the tree adapt without repotting it or disturbing the rest of the roots, letting it sit for a year or two as is, then remove the dead roots beneath the soil line at the next repot.

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I am a bit concerned about leaving the detached root in the soil to rot. In addition, it prevents the other smaller roots from occupying the space. I would remove the root as part of a repot. Most of the work can be around the big root you are removing, but you might also find a few larger roots at the outer edges of the pad that can be trimmed.

You’ve got a point there with leaving big roots to rot.