Chop it now or next spring?

Got this for free because another tree fell on it and snapped it. It used to be over 10’ tall. Do I let it recover and chop it to around 8" next year or go ahead and finish what was already started and do the chop now? I still need to dig down to find the nebari.

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looks like it pushed already (or is it evergreen)? If deciduous and this is already this years flush then I would wait in fear of the tree not having enough to substantially push a second time. makes sense or other options around?

It definitely was in a post-flush hardened state. Energy positive. Chopping it now would produce a finer flush vs chopping pre-flush which would produce a coarser flush. I’m probably going to chop it after find the nebari. That way I’ll know where I should actually do it.

you are at the beginning of development. Sure you do not want some coarser starting points for the primaries??

Actually what I want is to be impatient lol. :weary::weary: We’ll see where I go with it. Could be an interesting case study… although I’ve already chopped another tree recently.

If you chop you roll the dice. It might survive and push new growth or you may well kill it.

It is already in a weakened state having lost the majority of itself to the accident. It has shown no desire to push new buds or shoots lower down the trunk despite the loss of most of the tree. But it does have some fairly decent foliage on it now and an entire growing season to build up strength.

What species is it? The characteristics and nuances of the species are also important.

Yeah, I was actually going to say in my last reply that I don’t know what kind of tree it is, but then I had to be an adult and tend to kiddos lol. The person that gave it to me had no idea. None of them were tagged except for something that said “Jackson”. Removing all of the foliage was my initial concern. Didn’t know if it would survive if I continued with what has already been started. On the flip side of that I’m worried that all new growth will only come from the one remaining branch. There do appear to be latent buds on the smooth part of the trunk though, so I’m hopeful.

The fact that I even asked the question should tell me that I know better than to continue the chop now. :confused: Plus the input from this awesome community.

Anyway, I’ve never seen a tree in this slender of a pot. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of circle roots I’m gonna end up dealing with.

Found the nebari. Had to go over 8" down lol. I’m really liking this tree though. I’m gonna keep all of the height. There’s a tree across the street from me that I’ve been using as inspiration. I’ve just been waiting for the right tree and this is it. The inspo tree is fairly straight with horizontally positioned pads of foliage.

Inspo tree

Nebari. Taper. So nice.

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