Spring! Maybe....not

Woo hoo! Finally seeing some signs of life in my herd!
Have several fuzzy catkins on my quaking aspens!
The Japanese larch are NOT pushing yet!
Night temps only just above freezing here in the Inland Pacific NW. Pot temps still below 40F. Warm days, about 45-50F.
Been a really mild winter.
Really need to start repotting. Still a bit too cold… Had influenza A two weeks ago. Don’t want to push it yet!
Bonsai on!

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In actually a little jealous. It’s already in the 80’s in my neck of Arizona. Even the junipers are pushing like crazy already.

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So far:
The Prunus mirabilis are in full bloom all around me
The Chaenomeles speciosa are in bloom
The Forsythias are in full bloom
The potted Prunus incisa ‘kojo-no-mai’ is in bloom
The potted Prunus persica ‘spring glory’ is about to bloom, the first flowers are opening up
The young wild cherries are leafing
The leaves are extending on the potted apples trees
And there’s movement in the fall cuttings I took (chaenomeles, prunus incisa, rose)
I’m getting catkins on the pussy willows, even on the branches I cut during the winter.

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lightly wired around here. night temps just above freezing.
Prunus out with blossoms
roses (of the large garden pant kind) pushing growth and 1 flower!?
Most other things started moving last week (incl. larches)

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In SW England my Larix was at repotting bud swell on 1st February this year. As of now Lonicera is in full leaf, Acer palmatum cultivars extending buds, Syringia and Ligustrum species are extending buds, as are Cercidiphyllum japonica and Stewartia pseudocamelia. Acer campestre will be along in the next few weeks as will Carpinus betulis. Quercus and Taxis are a month or two away I guess. We had a cold night yesterday with a light frost, but probably not enough to cause significant damage.

I was studiously avoiding getting anything out of winter storage…
It was 21F. last night… 30F at the bottom of the pile…
Not yet…

The next week we’ll be in the high 20s at night and the 50-60s during the day.

Hopefully the plants have it figured out.

As paartest expected. Dipping below 0 yesterday dawn and also tonight. So shuffle on. And the forecast is off, as I have frost already at 11pm and not at the end of the night…

It was 18F last night, will be 16 tonight. Barely broke 24 today. My lowest temp ALL winter was 21F…
On the upside, I picked up 10 (!) Shore pine 3 year old seedling. Forest time!

It’s been in full bloom for a few days now and it was well worth the wait.

I give you Prunus persica ‘spring glory’:


Got antsy and pulled winter cover off my trees. Pines soil still frozen solid. 28F at bottom of pile. Decideous are warmer. Maples and fruit trees just greening up. Still too cold to get them out. 28F last night. 55 today!
On a brighter note… mowed my grass yesterday. Mostly longer winter dead grass; funny what a mower does with snow… The robins and flickers loved it!